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What If I Could “Guarantee” That You’ll Make At Least $125,000 to $250,000 or More Per Year As a Copywriter – Working Only Part Time – Writing Financial and Nutritional Copy for Our Established Business Clientele?

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Thousands of Writers Just Like You Have Gotten Away from Their 9-to-5 Jobs and Careers to Become REAL Writers, Able to Make $125,000 to $250,000 or More Per Year as Part-Time Copywriters with More Than Enough Time Every Day to Pursue Other Writing Assignments and Gigs Including Working on the Next Blockbuster Novel, Bestselling Book or Screenplay

And Here’s the Best Part: As a Professional Writer, You Can Make BIG FEES of Up to $5,000…$10,000…Even $15,000 OR MORE…From Each Assignment!

Dear Soon-to-Be Highly Successful Writer,

Let’s face it…if you’re ever going to pursue your dream as a full-time writer, you’re going to have to ditch out the day job or career that’s sucking you dry on time and energy.

Think about this…

There’s a reason why rich and famous writers like Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Dan Brown, Danielle Steel, John Grisham, and James Patterson can turn out books as frequently as they do – one by one – almost all becoming New York Times Bestsellers. It’s because they have the time to focus on their writing, their art, and their craft.

Now you’re probably thinking, “That’s easy for them. These writers don’t have day jobs anymore because they’re successful with their books!”

Most of these successful writers made sacrifices. Some got up really early in the morning to write, they worked on their books on lunch breaks, and they wrote on the weekends. Others had a spouse to help them dedicate themselves to a career in writing, not having to worry about a dead-end job or scrimping to survive while developing their art. They were lucky, though. Reality is, most writers who are aspiring to be much more – much bigger – than they are now are usually stuck juggling a job or career while looking after their family.

By the time you can schedule writing time for your blockbuster novel or other writing, you’re completely tapped out. Your 24-hour clock has run out. You don’t have the energy or the creative juices flowing anymore. And it’s just another day down that you made it through. You survived. But not a single word got written. And your dream of becoming a successful writer is beginning to wither away and die for good.

The solution?
How You Can Become a Successful Writer By Becoming a PROFITABLE Copywriter
Working Part Time to Make a Full Time Income While Following Your Bliss As a Writer!
Have you ever heard of copywriting as a career? Did you know that there are people who make millions of dollars per year as copywriters, writing sales letters and website copy for million-dollar companies? Copywriting is big business. Ask the copywriters for companies like Agora who make millions per year with their craft. It’s an incredible career and an amazing money-making opportunity for writers just like you.

Now, you may not want this to be a “career” per se. Maybe you just want to become a part-time copywriter to make enough money until your “real” writing career (writing novels, books, or movies) finally takes off. Or…maybe becoming a successful copywriter will become your sole career for the next dozen years or so. Who knows? Only time will tell!

But I will tell you this: copywriters with skill – writers just like you who have been honing your craft for as long as you can remember – are in high demand as copywriters. In fact, if you’re an excellent fiction writer, you’ll do exceptionally well as a copywriter because you have the skillset needed to lace together stories with facts. This is a high-in-demand set of tools that multi-million-dollar companies are looking for right now!

Those who are in our Exclusive Writer’s Club are earning incredible incomes – in their spare time – with a little-known money-making opportunity that most people have no idea even exists. And those who do know about this don’t have the right connections to get paid these big fees as indicated above!

Because of your unique affiliation as a writer, you have already been exclusively pre-qualified to become part of the Exclusive Writer’s Club. By accepting this rare invitation, you can be part of a very small handful of people to cash in on this “hidden fortune” by writing financial and nutritional direct marketing letters.
This exclusive one-time-only opportunity will allow you to receive very large CASH FEES that range on average from $2,000 to $25,000 (and sometimes much more) – for each writing job – which is in a HUGE DEMAND right now because we cannot find enough qualified writers to pick up these endless copywriting assignments.
And you get paid FAST…because these big cash fees are usually delivered to your door via FedEx Overnight Delivery!
Our firm has discovered and perfected the easiest, best, and most amazing way to receive a VERY LARGE INCOME – cash fees that are paid in very BIG CHUNKS – in as little as 4 to 5 hours a week from your home.
To take advantage of this amazing opportunity, you must be one of the first people in your area to accept this invitation, before the remaining slots are taken and no longer available. We are only accepting a dozen more writers into our Exclusive Writer’s Club.
Because of Your Experience as a Writer, You Are INVITED to Be Part of Our Exclusive Writer’s Club!
Once you are officially accepted, you will immediately – and completely – be set up so you can start to receive this income. We will set you up – either TODAY or TOMORROW (depending on the time of day you’re reading this letter) – so you can start collecting these pay-outs right away. All you need to get started is a computer or tablet, access to the internet, and the ability to follow simple, step-by-step instructions. And that’s it!
By joining our “Exclusive Writer’s Club,” you can earn fees of $2,000…$10,000…even $15,000 and more per writing assignment by simply writing a letter just like this one that small- to large-size companies need in the form of sales letters, website sales copy, brochures, and informational pamphlets for their sales and marketing departments.
And YOU get paid BIG FEES for writing simple and short letters just like the one you’re reading now for our established clients, for our company, and for new financial and supplement companies looking for writers just like you.
 We will give you our proven step-by-step methods for writing simple letters like these with NO physical manual labor…NO “cold calling” strangers…NO driving around or going anywhere (although you can if you want to)…
and NO face-to-face meeting people to do business…ever! This is the best high-profit opportunity available to anyone!
Somebody house-bound – even in a wheelchair or a stay-at-home parent looking after kids all day – could do this without ever leaving their homes! Yes, it’s possible to make a six-figure annual income without ever leaving home!
We have created a very simple method to write these simple letters and then to submit them through our designated system so we can review them, pass them onto our clients, and then you receive payment almost immediately.
Ultimately all you do is write the letter we tell you to write after giving you the product details, you write the letter, and you receive a very nice “writer’s fee” that can range from $2,000 (on the low end) to $25,000 or more. Again…this can easily be done in your spare time, without ever leaving your home with only 4 to 5 hours per week!
We’re sending you this letter because you are on an exclusive list of people who have shown a great interest in writing and we know this very rare opportunity is right in your wheelhouse!
Accept Your Invitation RIGHT NOW Before Somebody Else Takes Your Spot!
We will set you up with this amazing and highly profitable opportunity 100% RISK FREE…so you can try it out and find out for yourself how much there is to be made and how easy it is to make it. (Remember, these BIG CHECKS can be delivered to your front door via FedEx!) And this is like NOTHING ELSE you’ve ever seen before!
This is almost like having a stream of money flowing right past your home that YOU can see, but it is completely invisible to everybody else. Anytime you want, you can step out, dip a soup ladle or a bucket into it and scoop out however much you want. You can even take a truckload out! I know that sounds a little silly but it’s nearly that easy!
Could you use an extra $5,000…$15,000…or MORE this month? And next month? What would you do with it? Empty the “bill drawer” once and for all? Pay down your mortgage until you pay it off completely? Fix up the house with that kitchen or bathroom renovation you’ve been thinking about? Take a vacation to Hawaii? Buy a new luxury car?
And if you could keep making that extra income in a few as 4 to 5 hours a week, then what? Would you get completely debt-free and stay that way for good? Quit your job that you hate? Start the business you’ve always dreamed of? Go back to school? Buy a farm or a beach house? What WOULD you do with all that extra money coming in?
If having a SECOND INCOME from $5,000 to $25,000+ a month coming in interests you then I strongly recommend you to go to our website right now before all the spots are gone. You’ll see exactly how this works (with INSTANT FREE information)…how you can get set-up IMMEDIATELY…and start making good money right away, in as little as only a few days!

Let me tell you about some of our business clients and what they’re looking for.
Wanted ASAP: Copy for Consumables Including Skincare and Health Supplement Products
We have clients who own and operate successful skincare and health supplement companies who are always looking for top-notch highly talented writers for sales letter copy for their sales newsletters they routinely send out. Did you know that most copywriting assignments pay at least $1,000 per page and, many times, it’s much more than that? And each of these copywriting assignments for this kind of business will be sales copy of 12 to 16 pages (minimum). Many times, the sales letters will be 24 or more pages. This means at bare minimum you could be paid anywhere from $12,000 to $48,000 for a copywriting job like this!

We have a couple of issues right now: (1) we have plenty of writing assignments but not enough hours in the day to keep up with them all, and (2) we’ve had difficulty finding the right writers out there who understand our writing style and needs to be able to write these assignments for us.

Writing nutritional and consumable product copy is a niche. And, of course, there are “niches” within the niches. For example, it goes beyond “nutritional” copy; this is just an “umbrella” broader niche. A smaller niche might be writing about weight loss products or all-natural joint pain supplements.

Also Wanted: Copy for Financial and Opportunity Products and Services
Our company is a financial products information publishing company. We are constantly looking for all kinds of copy for new sales letters, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, websites, and emails. We also have clients in the financial products and services business who are in desperate need for new copy for their upcoming promotions and new product releases.

Many times, financial copy will pay more than copy for health supplements and consumable products. This is because it takes some skill and knowledge to know how to write copy for stock trading, real estate investing, business opportunities, and other types of financial products and services. If you have a background in any of these fields, you are definitely qualified to write these kinds of marketing materials as a copywriter.
Now you may be thinking…

“I Don’t Know the First Thing About Copywriting.  Do I Really Want to Spend Years Learning This Craft When I Really Want to Be Doing Something Else?”
The good news is that you won’t be spending years to learn this kind of powerful and profitable copywriting. I have droves of what we call “swipe files” of tested and proven copy that has made millions for our clients and various direct marketers. This will allow you to simply “emulate” and “paste” already tested and proven copy from other profitable and winning marketing campaigns right into your sales letter.
There’s a specific formula to writing sales letters – whether they’re for a direct mail campaign or for a website sales page – and it never changes no matter what you’re writing. All you have to do is “stay in the lines” by following the formula and you’ll always churn out an excellent marketing sales piece every time!
For example, one of the ways we DOMINATE the copywriting space is because of our “triple-fold headline” which is essentially three headlines in one. All you do is follow our “Dirty Dozen” headline templates, choose three of those, and fill in the blanks. Within minutes you have the first (and most important) component of the sales letter!
Yes, that’s how EASY this really is!


People Just Like You Are Getting BIG CHECKS Via This VERY RARE Opportunity!

$3,120 His First Time Out*

Jon Miller secured his first gig and made $3,120 his first time out. He had this to say about the process: “This is much easier than I thought it would be. At first, I figured this to be too good to be true but after I started, I found that this is pretty simple and that anyone can do this.” His second check came in at $8,078 only 2 ½ weeks later. He’s since quit his day job in computers to do this full time.

On Her 8th Letter Assignment With No End in Sight*

Karyn Amato is on her 8th writing job. Her first check was brought her a check by FedEx right to her door for $5,800. This was about 4 weeks after she initially got signed up. But within another 2 weeks, she had ANOTHER CHECK sent by FedEx to her for $4,348. Within 3 months, she had amassed $49,332 total and she’s still going strong. She has this to say about this new business: “I didn’t believe it, I’ll be honest. It sounded like a scam but as a struggling school teacher, I just went for it! I’m really glad I did because this has really changed my entire life. I’m almost hoping you don’t tell too many people about this because I kind of want to keep this a secret!”

From Fired Food Service Manager to $406,309 last year*

Scott Vanderbilt was feeling down and out after he was fired from middle management at a well-known international hamburger franchise headquarters. He got a letter in the mail less than a week after trying to figure out what his next move would be. Without hesitation, he decided to give this a try. He said this: “I’m not going to lie, this took a little work for me because I am not good at English. But I was committed to making this work no matter what it would take. And I did it. My first year doing this I went from scraping by and making chump change in fast food to making over $400,000. This year I’m on track to double that. And to think that all I wanted was to make at least $18,000 to make up for my lost job when this whole thing started. If I can do this, anyone can!”

Click on the Button Below NOW to Register for the Upcoming Copywriting Mentorship Training!

This is the first time I’ve offered a full intimate training of how to start and succeed in a highly profitable freelancing copywriting business AND, on top of that, offering to help you in my weekly training modules – not only to show you EXACTLY what to do to become a successful copywriter but doing a one-on-one training (just you and me) at the end of the course!

However, this is ONLY for a maximum of 12 of you to participate in. That’s all I can fit into the conference room I will be hosting this event in. And that’s the maximum number of people I can realistically work with one-on-one in this type of workshop setting. But it’ll cost you.

Ah, yes.  The price.   What will that be?

The Price is a FRACTION of the Cost You’ll Likely Be Making Within Your First Month Doing This

I initially wanted to charge $5,000 for this.  After all, for a business that can potentially make you $125,000 per year MINIMUM in freelancer profits.  You'll probably agree that a modest fee of $5,000 would be peanuts in comparison to what you'll likely be making as a profitable copywriter.

But I don’t want to charge $5,000.  Or even a quarter of that amount!

So, I settled on the final price being $5,000 $997.  And that’s a FREAKING STEAL if you ask me!

This is First-Come First-Served Registration!
Take the Opportunity to Be Part of This RARE Event Now!

Again, I’m only able to take a MAXIMUM of 12 of you. I’d ideally like to see the my copywriting group max out at 8 people so that I can get more hands on with each of you.  After all, it takes time, skill, and a lot of energy on my part to teach you the copywriting business from scratch including helping you flesh out a simple copywriting website for your clients to see.  (This makes you look legitimate in the eyes of professional businesspeople.)
I'll also help you create a specific action plan for each of you with very pin-pointed and key steps for you to take for you to get maximum dollars from your newly-developed copywriting skillset.   This drastically minimizes how many of you can participate and if you’re really one of these people who wants to make a ton of money using direct mail, you MUST jump on this now!

Here's What You'll Be Getting When You Register:

* Six-Week 100% Online Copywriting Training
* Copywriting Wiz Course Materials (Downloads)
* The Ultimate Swipe File of the Best Copy Every Written
* Fillable Templates and Formulas to Write Kick-Ass Copy
* A Copywriting Mastery Certificate Upon Your Completion
* A Freelancing Position in Our Company When You Finish

So, Who Wants to Be the Next Successful Copywriter Freelancer?

Again, this opportunity is NOT supposed to be just for anyone.  Many people want the quick and easy “do-nothing-and-make-money business” that, unfortunately, isn't a reality in the real world.  

But, if you're someone who knows you have to learn the skillset needed to become a highly profitable copywriter from someone who has consistently make $1,000,000 or more per year for the past 13 years in the business of copywriting then you MUST register for this upcoming Copywriting Wiz Mentorship Group ASAP!  SEATING IS LIMITED!

Only YOU can decide if this is for you.  I’m not here to sell you on this rare opportunity IF you don’t feel that this isn’t right for you.  Yes, the money is good.  In fact, the money is SPECTACULAR.  But you have to want to do this from the pit of your gut.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask:  661-295-5050 ext. 2.  We're available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time.

Your friend and mentor,

P.S.  The economy is rapidly changing.  Unfortunately, we’re diving squarely into a rough recession. Y our current job or business is likely to be wiped out (if it hasn’t already).  Time for a change!  Time to pivot and buckle down by creating a new profitable copywriting business for yourself that can not only help you survive…but it can allow you to THRIVE in the months and years to come! Register now…and be one of the 12 students who get to participate in this RARE mentorship training!
What's the Copywriting Wiz Mentorship Group All About and What Will You Be Getting?
This is a 6-Week Online Mentorship Group that is 100% online!  You don't have to drive anywhere or attend any in-person workshops.  You'll discover how to set up a profitable copywriting business.  This includes understanding the "business basics" as a freelance writer.  You'll also be given the needed skillset to launch and run your highly successful copywriting business from the get-go.

Here's What You'll Be Getting:

* Six-Week 100% Online Copywriting Training
* Copywriting Wiz Course Materials (Downloads)
* The Ultimate Swipe File of the Best Copy Every Written
* Fillable Templates and Formulas to Write Kick-Ass Copy
* A Copywriting Mastery Certificate Upon Your Completion
* A Freelancing Position in Our Company When You Finish!

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